Opportunity Loss

COVID-19 academic learning losses and missed future career opportunities hit historically disadvantaged students the hardest. The fallout from the pandemic threatens to depress this generation’s prospects and constrict their opportunities far into adulthood.

Studies show that high schoolers have become more likely to drop out of school, and high school seniors, especially those from low-income families, are less likely to go on to postsecondary education.

The ripple effects may undermine their chances of attending college and ultimately finding a fulfilling job that enables them to support a family.


Esposure4All recognizes that the pathway to success for disadvantage students was very narrow prior to COVID-19; now it is non-existent for some. We support the creation of a learning pedagogy that leads these students down a nontraditional professional path, introducing them to STEM accredited talent-based business and careers. Esports professionals, social media entrepreneurs, business owners, entertainers, content creators, etc. These STEM accredited talent-based career options are an alternative for students considering dropping out or not interested in postsecondary opportunities.

This new pedagogy ensures rigorous implementation of evidence-based initiatives, while also piloting and tracking the impact of innovative new approaches.

Our underserved and underrepresented communities need to “reimagine” a gamified approach to learning for these students that are most at risk if we cannot meet their academic and nonacademic needs alike.

Talent-based careers are a viable option and we need to stand up a community to support students that desire this pathway.


Esposure4All provides a community-based learning approach utilizes the proprietary Learning Experience Platform (LXP) created by Esposure Inc. This platform has the capabilities to deliver an experiential framework for investors, corporations, educators, parents to address the needs of historically disadvantaged students.