Health & Wellness

Esposure4All believes that a healthy gamer is a good gamer. Health and wellness is a commonly discussed topic in the gaming and esports industry. Its impact on both player and team performance is recognized as a key ingredient to success.

The G4G learning framework is built on evidence-based mental health content that can improve a player's ability to identify and manage mental health issues.

Millennials and Gen Z’ers are among the most health-conscious generations to date. 76% of Millennials exercise at least once a week, and together the two demographics constitute 80% of all gym-goers, according to the 2019 Les Mills Global Consumer Fitness Survey. Other data shows both groups prioritize making healthy, informed food choices.

We have partnered with industry leaders and organizations dedicated to the promotion and advocacy for health & wellness: mind, body, and spirit. Esposure4All supports the health-conscious goals of our students and encourage them to prioritize their health & wellness goals.