Career Preparation

Esports jobs are in high demand! And Gen Alpha and future generations require a more engaging and interactive solution to consume content and education.

Esposure4All and Esposure Inc have partnered to help guide students to a professional gaming career. Whether the goal is to become a competitive gamer, a pro-level shout-caster or an industry-leading content creator - FOLLOW OUR PROVEN PATHWAY TO PRO!

The D.E.E.P.™ Education Metaverse created by Esposure Inc and delivered by Esposure4All supports:

  • Human and 3-D AR/VR based teaching methods
  • accredited curriculum
  • An immersive gamified learning framework
  • Seamless, real-time translation across any language spoken in the metaverse.
  • 5 applications to collaborate, communicate and portfolio build/develop

At every stage of our pathway to pro, Esposure4All is developing and launching immersive gamified learning experiences to students in underrepresented and underserved communities.