Digital Divide

The digital divide is caused by equity challenges and broadband gaps in minority communities that continue to be underserved and underrepresented in the age of digital empowerment. This includes households with students that need access to affordable, high-speed home broadband service which enables them to possess the devices and skills necessary to build a career in the esports industry.

Esposure4All, along with our industry partners, have built an 8,000+ square foot esports arena that has been equipped with the high-speed broadband necessary to support the learning objectives of our students. We provide a safe and digitally superior space for students to learn and grow in the esports industry that is comparable to their peers in financially well-funded communities.


Studies show that students from low income households have limited access to the electronic devices that support learning:

  • Desktop Computer
  • Laptop Computer
  • Tablet Computer
  • Smartphone
  • Gaming Console


Studies show that students from low-income households experience a significant skills gap caused by the effects of the digital divide. These studies show that students lack the basic ability to master the same tasks as their counterparts in financially well-funded communities such as:

  • Can Upload Content
  • Can Create Content
  • Can Create/Manage Own Website
  • Can Troubleshoot Technology
  • Can Identify Misleading Info Online
  • Can Manage Online Profile

Esposure4All initiatives work with industry and community partners to help bridge the digital divide in communities of need. We strive to ensure that emerging technologies are integrated into our learning initiatives to build better career opportunities for students in these communities.